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Recrystallized silicon carbide and reaction boned silicon carbide


Recrystallized silicon carbide and reaction boned silicon carbide are widely used in abrasives, wear agents, abrasives, high refractories, fine ceramics and other industries in smelting and refining enterprises, but people often confuse what is the difference between recrystallized silicon carbide and reaction boned silicon carbide, on this issue, Duratec for our group to list the main difference between reaction boned silicon carbide and recrystallized silicon carbide in the production process:

One is the use of different temperatures.

The reaction boned is about 1300℃, and the recrystallization is about 1600℃.

Second, the sintering method is different. Reaction boned siliconizing sintering temperature is low. The recrystallization sintering temperature is high, and the reaction boned specific gravity crystallization bending strength is high when the temperature is not exceeded.

Recrystallized silicon carbide plate