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gun resistance Boron carbide bulletproof insert plate


strong gun resistance Boron carbidemakes it can passivate and break the warhead in time, and absorb the energy of the high-speed warhead through its own crushing process.

With the development demand of lightweight and high efficiency of armored system, the advantages of

 strong gun resistance insert plate have become more and more prominent.

Under the action of a large impact force of the warhead, Gun resistant Boron carbide insert plate mainly absorb energy through the micro-crushing process. The main process is roughly divided into three stages: the initial impact stage, the erosion stage and the deformation and fracture stage. The surface layer of boron carbide ceramics can passivate the warhead, and the surface is crushed into small and hard particles. When the blunt projectile continues to penetrate, the boron carbide ceramics form a debris layer. The tensile stress inside the material makes the ceramics break, and the remaining energy is absorbed by the backplate. The ability of ceramics to absorb energy is related to the hardness and elastic modulus of ceramics. Generally, the ballistic quality factor is used to comprehensively measure the elastic energy of ceramics: the greater the elastic modulus and hardness, the smaller the density, the stronger the absorption ability of ceramics for kinetic energy, that is, the better the bulletproof performance.

Boron carbide bulletproof insert plate