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Application fields of RBSIC ceramic roller


                                         Application fields of RBSIC ceramic roller


Silicon carbide rollers have high strength, good heat resistance, and good resistance to high-temperature deformation. Common silicon carbide rollers include recrystallized silicon carbide rollers and reaction bonded silicon carbide ceamic roller. The recrystallized silicon carbide rod can be used at temperatures up to 1600C in an oxidizing atmosphere, but it is expensive. 

The RBSIC ceramic roller with slightly lower price can be used at temperatures ranging from 1300 to 1350C, and is mostly used for firing sanitary ceramics, electricity, and daily ceramics.

The disadvantages of RBSIC lithium battery ceramic roller are that they are prone to corrosion and have poor decontamination ability, and high thermal conductivity, which limits their use and promotion.

Silicon carbide rollers

silicon carbide rollers